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Fully Sealed

Ceramic Cartridge

4th Gen Ceramic.

Anti-Leak Tech.

Pre Capped.

Child Resistant.

Compatible with 510 Thread Batteries.

Passes Heavy Metal Testing Every Time.

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Dramatically More Powerful

Octave Filling Machine

Our proprietary automated filling machine fills CleanCore cartridges fast and is compatible with all cannabis oils including Distillate, HTE, Live Resin, Hash Rosin and more. Save time and money on each fill.

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Fill 8K Cartridges In A Day

Our cartridges come pre-capped and our filling machines are perfectly suited to fill half and full gram carts with any cannabis oils. Save costs and improve your profits with CleanCore x Octave.

Machine Available for $0 with Qualifying Order

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4th Gen Ceramic

Full ceramic food grade tank preserves oil flavor & texture for months

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Anti-Leak Technology

Exponential improvement in processing to ensure no leakage

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Lower Filling Costs

Reduce procedures to avoid unnecessary costs

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Octave Filling Machine

Compatible with all cannabis oils. Fill 8K+ cartridges in one day per worker per machine.

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