Cartridge Questions

Why are .5ml and 1ml carts the same price?

Quality control is the most expensive and time consuming part of the cartridge manufacturing process. We do the same quality control and extensive stress testing on every single cartridge that leaves our factory.

What is the leakage or defect rate of your cartridges?

We have one of the lowest leakage or defect rates in the industry.  Our 8 step quality control process weeds out any defects before we ship to the customer.

What are the lead times for delivery? Customization?

USA stock - 3 - 7 days

International Manufacturing - 20 - 45 days

Do you have stock in the USA?

Yes! Our USA warehouse is located in Southern California. We can screen print on the glass tank of cartridges state side. Overseas we can do 3D printing and printing/color change on the bottom ring of the cartridge for our ceramic models. For our Poly316 cartridges we can change the color of the silicone and even do gold plating on the center post. We can also do custom windows for our disposable pen options.

What parts of the cartridge can I customize? What are the MOQs?

This depends on the model but we have many customization options.  Reach out to us to discuss.

MOQ for OEM is 5000 for most models.

What’s the difference between porcelain and ceramic?

Porcelain is a higher grade of ceramic.  You will notice that our porcelain cartridges are more white than other ceramic cartridges on the market. This is because we use the most pure ingredients in our materials.  This leads to great flavor as well as an appealing look for the customer.  Oil looks the best in CleanCore!

What are your centerposts made with?

Depends on the model but ceramic, porcelain or 316 stainless steel.

Do you have any heavy metal test results available?

Yes. We have multiple test reports for each model. We always pass.

How do you fill CleanCore cartridges?

Our cartridges fill upside down, through the mouthpiece. You must use our custom sharp 18 gauge needle since all CleanCore hardware is precapped. 

Are CleanCore cartridges/ disposables compatible with other filling machines?

That depends, it is possible to attach our filling needles to other machines to use with our products.  Customers have used our needles with Thompson & Duke, Kiss machines, and the 50 shot.

What are the advantages of a precapped cartridge or disposable pen?

Extremely low oxidation rate, no leaks or pressure changes in the coil due to capping, much less labor and mess.

Why do pre-capped cartridges have a lower defect rate?

The pressure change that occurs when capping carts is one of the main reasons cartridges leak or fail. With no capping necessary all you have to do is turn the carts right side up after filling!

What makes your ceramic coil / atomizer special?

Our ceramic coil is porous and heats evenly at low temperatures to preserve the flavor of your oil.

Machine Questions

How many cartridges can the CleanCore filling machine fill per day? Per hour?

500-800 per hour depending on the oil. Remember this is pre-capped, that means the cartridges come out of the machine, ready for the packaging.

Other machines say they can fill more carts per hour but they are not considering the capping and cleaning process that is required after the cartridges are filled.

How do you clean the CleanCore filling machine?

After filling, wipe out the reservoir with ethanol or ISO alcohol. Attach the silicone cleaning tube to the needle housing. Fasten the top of the reservoir back on and run the Valve-Clean and Valve-Exhaust function to clean the reservoir, pump and needle housing. We recommend having a bucket or jar handy to collect the cleaning solution. This process only takes 15 minutes or until the cleaning solution appears clear.

Do you recommend any specific type of cleaning solution for the CleanCore machine?

ISO alcohol or ethanol

What kind of oil can the CleanCore machine run?

All types of oil. The CleanCore filling machine is compatible with delta 9 distillate, delta 8 distillate, live resin/ HTE, solventless hash rosin, THC-O, HHC, Co2, etc. 

Do you have recommended temperature settings for specific extracts?

Yes.  We have that information for our customers.

How is the machine heated?

There are three heating sections, a heated reservoir for the oil, a heated pump line and heated needle. Because we have the shortest filling path in the industry, we are able to run our machine at a lower temperature compared to industry competitors. 

Do you recommend any additional equipment or materials to pair with the CleanCore filling machine?

Air compressor, heat resistant gloves, oven or heat bath, heat gun, laser thermometer, mixing tools and glass jars 

Are you BSIC or ISO certified?

Yes. Our manufacturing facility is dust free and has been audited by an independent 3rd party. 

Do you offer any warranties, service or technical support?

Yes. The machine comes with a 1 year warranty to replace any defective parts. We also offer in-person technical support and video call support. We have machines that have ran 500k + cartridges and have not needed any replacement parts. 

What are the lead times on purchasing a CleanCore filling machine?

If the machine is shipping from the USA the lead time is 3-7 days. If the machine is shipping from our overseas facility the lead time is 20-45 days.

Does the CleanCore filling machine work with all your cartridges and disposables?

Yes. Our machine fills every pre-capped SKU we have. 

Does the CleanCore filling machine work with standard cartridges and disposables?

No. The CleanCore filling machine is designed to fill pre-capped hardware.

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